Focus Inspiration // 22.10.2015.
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Breakfast panel Speed date with the future je zatvorio Jonny Drewek pesmom koju je napisao tokom panela i time sumirao glavne teme i zaključke. Jonny Drewek je multidisciplinardni umetnik iz Londona, pesnik, komičar, muzičar, grafički dizajner, filmadžija i prodavac parfema, koji je radio za brendove kao što su Alexander McQueen, V&A Museum, VICE UK, MTA Records. Diplomirao je na prestižnom Central St. Martins Univerzitetu i dobitnik je nagrade D&AD Graphite Pencil Award.

Prenosimo vam njegovu pesmu u celosti.



Speed Date With the Future

So comb your hair and take your seat

For a speed date with the future

For a glass of wine and a trip through time

To a world you’re not quite used to.


I met the future for our date

At the twenty second Golden Drum

I’d tried all the tricks I know

But I couldn’t make the future come.


I desperately asked to know

Just what she had in store

She said I’ll give a couple of clues

But then I’ll say no more


She said the world will keep on turning

And it’s not enough just learning

Cuz the money that we’re earning

Means we keep on burning bridges,


Between the rich and poor

From our environment, and wars

Over resources, greater forces

Than we’ve ever fought before.


But she told me

Business can be beautiful

If we maintain our notion

Of what value truly means

An we maintain our true devotion

To essential beauty, harmony

And seek a sense of purpose

Choosing water over diamonds

(even if it’s not our first choice)

Cuz it all depends on context.


The planet is our user

And now change is in the air

If our minds can remain

relevant, meaningful and aware.


(Get well soon Ana.)


She sat up in her chair

And told me not to live in bubbles

Technology and culture share the same united truths

Aiming simply to immerse consumers

Deep within their tales

and get to know them from their hair

Right down to their fingernails.


Perspective is key

In order to stay free

To truly deeply embody

The pure goal,


(CEOs look cool now)


I begged her for the recipe for success

She said it’s quite a test

But you must maintain an appetite

And just expect no less.


She used music as a metaphor

For music holds pure truth

It only exists as a holy hole

And needs no further proof.


And try the things you don’t quite like

And get your hands all dirty

And just explore all avenues

By the time you’re thirty.


The recipe is yet unwritten

And everything is just a guess

But working hard and honesty

Are more important then past success.


And one more thing,

Than business can unite

The nations that used to fight

We come together, we create

Forget the past and clean the slate

Produce something that’s truly great.


But anyway back to my date…


The future finished up her wine

And left me staring at her plate

I never heard from her again

So I guess I’ll have to wait.



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